Yes, via email if done throught the website if if signed in through eventbrite
A credit card is the most common way.  If you would like alternative methods please email or call us for arrangements.
This will be covered in your contract.  We are flexible in advance and can quote you if you know you might need extra hours or days.
Yes, we have a limit of 200 miles on a 1 day rental.  Also, we require that the buses stay in the Phoenix area
There is a 5% surcharge plus required sales tax.  Eventbright charges ticketing fee.
If your shuttle breaks down we do all we can to get you back on the road.  If there is another bus available we will switch you
Call, email, or cancel via eventbrite ticketing.
We have promotions and at this time no discounts for repeat clients.
This is a common question and one that we have considered for a long time.  At this time we don't employ enough staff to deliver the vehicles.  We still try and keep our overhead lower so we can deliver low cost transportation.
If it's available it's rentable.  Please contact us for rentals for over 2 days.